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Handbook For Management/Confidential Employees


Major Sections Section Topics
Appointment and Promotion Appointment
Probationary Period
Disciplinary Procedure
Compensation Annual Salary
Performance Evaluation and Merit Compensation
Promotional Increase
Deferred Compensation Plan
Overtime Compensation
Overtime Meal Allowance
Moving Expense Reimbursement
Geographic Area Pay Differential
Shift Pay Differential
Other Pay Differentials
Holiday Compensation
Unemployment Insurance
Travel Reimbursement
Corporate Card Program
Overnight (Per Diem) Travel
Meal Allowance for Non-Overnight Travel
Reimbursement for Disabled Employees
Attendance and Leave Benefits Basic Workweek
Sick Leave
Leave Donation Program
Leave for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Child Care and Adoption
Federal Family and Medical Leave Act
Paid Family Leave
Personal Leave
Workers' Compensation Leave
Other Leaves
Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule
Leave Benefits for Part-Time Employees
Education and Training Training and Development Programs
Tuition Reimbursement
Quality of Work Life Programs Worksite Child Care Centers
Dependent Care Advantage Account
Retirement Planning Information
Employee Assistance Program
Uniform Allowance
Pre-Retirement Planning
Group Health and Welfare Benefits Health Insurance
Prescription Drug Benefits
Dental Insurance
Vision Care
Health Care Spending Account
Dependent Care Advantage Account
Retirement Coverage Employees' Retirement System
Social Security Retirement Benefits
Disability Coverage M/C Income Protection Plan
Disability Retirement Benefit
Social Security Disability Benefits
Workers' Compensation Benefits
Death Benefits Employees' Retirement System Benefits
Social Security Survivors' Benefits
Workers' Compensation Benefits
M/C Survivors' Benefit Program
Accidental Death Benefit
Optional Group Insurance Group Life Insurance
M/C Personal Lines Insurance Program
Policy Directives Ethics in Government
Political Activities
Affirmative Action
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Orientation
Age Discrimination
Grievance Procedures for M/C Employees
Alcohol and Controlled Substances in the Workplace
Defense and Indemnification of State Officers and Employees
Review of an M/C Employee's Personal History Folder
Directory Attendance and Leave
Automobile Insurance
Deferred Compensation Plan
Dental Insurance
Dependent Care
Employee Assistance Program
Examination and List Information
Health Insurance (General Information)
Health Insurance (Empire Plan)
Homeowners/Renters Insurance
Income Protection Plan
Life Insurance
Survivors' Benefit Program
Tuition Reimbursement Processing Unit
Umbrella Liability Insurance
Vision Care Plan
Workers' Compensation Board
APPENDICES Appendix A — Moving from a Bargaining Unit into the M/C Group
Appendix B — M/C Salary Schedules
Appendix C — Leave for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Child Care, and Adoption
Appendix D — Code of Ethics
Appendix E — Restrictions on Business or Professional Activities
Appendix F — Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Appendix G — Sexual Harassment
Appendix H — Sexual Orientation
Appendix I — Age Discrimination
Appendix J — Grievance Procedures
Appendix K — Alcohol and Controlled Substances in the Workplace

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Updated: January 2, 2018