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Workplace Violence Prevention (WVP) Resource Center

To facilitate sharing and collaboration, the WVP Resource Center contains program and training materials about the WVP Act that were developed by state agencies and the unions. Please note that posting of the material in the WVP Resource Center does not mean that it has been approved or endorsed by GOER, the NYS Department of Labor (DOL), an agency, or the unions. We urge you to check with the designated contact person for more information and if you have questions. We also encourage you to visit the DOL's website at The website outlines the required elements of a WVP program as well as useful resources and sample programs.

Materials will be added to the WVP Resource Center as they are submitted. If you have materials to share, please forward them to Sandy DeJohn at and include the name, title, and email address of your agency contact person.

State Agencies and Public Entities with Developed Materials

WVP Basic Training Program: A WVP Basic Training Program was created with the partnership of an interagency group made up of GOER, CSEA, PEF, and seven agencies to create a Workplace Violence Prevention (WVP) Basic Training Program that is now available to agencies. This basic program is intended to assist agencies in the development of the required employee training component of the WVP Act. The training program includes participant materials, presentation materials, and an instructor guide. All contain suggestions for agencies for customizing the training program to their specific activities to align with the WVP Act.

Click on the links below to view WVP materials.

Updated: March 12, 2013