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Throughout the years GOER's grant programs have been successful in addressing agency needs. Currently, there are several grant programs to help agencies meet their workforce and organizational development goals:

Management/Confidential (M/C) Grants
M/C grants assist agencies build the competencies of supervisors and managers designated M/C. These grants should have a strong focus on management and supervisory development. Additionally, M/C grants support management-driven innovative initiatives which can be replicated in other agencies.

Multi-Funded Grants
Multi-Funded grants are designed to build the competencies of employees of CSEA, PEF, and those designated M/C, and to support the agencies' operational needs. These grants should have a strong focus on workplace skills development.

Workforce Initiative (WFI) Program
The WFI Program provides a unique opportunity for labor/management teams to work together to identify the professional development needs of PEF-represented employees and to propose training projects addressing those needs. Proposals must have labor-management support and achieve the goals of increasing organizational effectiveness and enhancing employee job skills.

At this time, no determinations have been made by the joint State-PEF Professional Development Committee regarding this program. The Committee is conducting ongoing discussions regarding its 2012 programs. Please continue to watch the GOER website,, for information.

Labor/Management Nursing Grants Program
This program provides funding to address education and training needs of PEF–represented nurses.
Click here for Guidelines and Application.

Updated: November 5, 2014